SIB 0.50 – Cast of Fifty

In this episode, we talk about Comic-Con, OJ Simpson, Netflix’s Ozark, Insanely hot weather, Switchblade Combs and more. We also try Blueberry-Lemon Muddy Buddies and Scottish Ale from High Cotton Brewing.

SIB 0.49 – Eight-Legged Felons

In this episode we call a scammer back about paying our taxes to avoid jail time. We discuss a spider lurking in Greg’s kitchen, New attractions at Disney World, Steve Ewing, Double Dare & More. We also try 2014 Panic Attack Beer from Holy Mackerel Beers & Cape Code Salt & Vinegar Chips.

SIB 0.48 – Brown Gravy

In this episode we talk about the insanely hot weather, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Cashew Chicken, Burple, Amazon Prime Day & more. We also try some cookies baked on the dashboard of a car, Little Debbie S’mores rolls, & Hi-Wire Brewing Brown Ale.

SIB 0.47 – Old Man Experience

In this episode we act like crabby old men. We complain about the Fireworks & Concerts. We also talk about water toys from the (good ‘ol days) 80s, painting, Despicable Me 3 and more. We also try Velvet Charmer Scotch Ale from Yee-Haw Brewing and Maple Bacon chips from Kettle Brand chips.

SIB 0.46 – Fireball Shandy

In this episode we talk about a STL Restaurant – Tapped, Fireball Island, Fourth of July Movies, Mel Brooks, the new SNES Classic, Kitchen remodeling, and more. We also try Rye You Lil’ Punk Rye IPA & Lemon Shandy Chocolate.

SIB 0.45 – Lucky Loops

In this episode we eat and drink! We try some food from Burger King, including Mac n’ Cheetos, Lucky Charms Milkshake & Froot Loop Milkshake. We also try Martin City Brewing’s Purple Train and Redd’s Peach Ale. We discuss 80s sitcoms, Grass Cutting Neighbors, Battery powered lawn tools and more!

SIB 0.44 – Wonder Rocks

In this episode we try some beer from Colorado & some pop rocks oreos. We also talk about Wonder Woman, E3, Kansas City & More.

SIB 0.43 – Switch to Colorado

In this short episode we talk with Josh & his wife, Lori who are on vacation in Colorado. We also talk about Greg getting a Nintendo Switch.

SIB 0.42 – Recycled Soda

In this episode Josh & Greg talk about a failed hosting gig, Mother’s Day wine party, zombie dreams, & more. We also try Pepsi Fire and some Pizza flavored pretzel sandwiches.

SIB 0.41 – Vegas Pains

In this Episode, Josh E is gone, but the show must go on. We talk about Greg’s trip to Vegas, Google I/O, New habits from Josh’s Dog and more! Plus, a power surge smack dab in the middle of the show.