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Experimental Ale – Goose Island

Another hoppy ale from Goose Island, we also got this one in the fall Goose Island sampler pack.

Part of the autumn sampler pack, probably only available for a limited time.

Ruby Red Ale from Fat Bottom Brewing

Another beer that Greg brought back from his trip through Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. Ruby Red American Ale comes from Fat Bottom Brewing –

We also discussed recycling…

Tuchaleechee Porter from Smoky Mountain Brewery

In this special episode we sample Tuckaleechee Porter from Smoky Mountain Brewery. The brewery calls this beer “Dark ale with a chewy, roasty character derived from the use of caramel and dark roasted malts.” Greg gives his full review of the brewery including the food he had when he visited.

We also give a quick overview of the beerthirty pub’s temporary make over into “Cafe 80s” for Greg’s Back to the Future themed halloween party.

We continued to ramble until about Back to the Future related stuff until our phone ran out of memory. It was probably for the best…

Take The Causeway IPA from Fairhope Brewing

Greg’s girlfriend Molly picked up this beer and many others on a business trip to Alabama.