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Unibroue Beers at Epcot / Disney World

At Epcot in Walt Disney World,
Greg & John try:

Ephemere (a light cherry beer)
La Fin Du Monde (a Tripel-style Golden Ale)

both from Unibroue Brewing
Quebec, Canada

Home Brewing Fail! Juicing Cucumbers

Greg was giving a demonstration for how he planned to get cucumber juice into his batch of Kolsch that we brewed.  He sliced the cucumbers that were grown in his garden and got them ready to juice, but he forgot to have a bowl or cup ready to catch the juice.

O’Fallon Strawberry Best

We’re tasting the new strawberry malt beverage from O’Fallon, perfect for the summer.

Kalik – Beer of the Bahamas, our brief review

Our review of Kalik – Beer of the Bahamas

A beer we received as a gift from Greg’s brother and sister in law.
They picked up on this beer during their trip to the Bahamas. Thanks Jeff and Wendy!

Please visit our blog for updates on our home brewing adventures:

Beer:Thirty / Shorts – Charleville Brewing

In this short,
Greg tries
Whiskey Scented Santa
Josh tries
Coffee Stout
Charleville Brewing
Ste. Genevieve, MO

Pumpkin Beer Reviews 2014

We started working on a ton of Pumpkin Beer Reviews.
Here’s all of them wrapped up in a nice playlist!


Beer:Thirty – Founder’s Breakfast Stout

In this short,
Josh and Greg try
Breakfast Stout
Founders Brewing Company
Grand Rapids, MI

Beer:Thirty – Three Floyd’s – Robert the Bruce

A good beer from the brewery in Munster Indiana. Brought to us as a gift. We use this dark beer to begin the transition to fall and winter brews.

Beer Thirty / Shorts – Monk in the Trunk

In this short, we try
Monk in the Trunk
Inlet Brewing
Jupiter, FL

Beer Thirty / Shorts – Hard Root Beer

In this Short,
We try Fire Brewed Hard Root Beer
Sprecher Brewing
Milwaukee, WI