SIB 0.68 – Pecker Gnats

In this episode we talk about the new Avengers Infinity Wars trailer, Moonshine, gnats attack the studio, Matt Laurer, & more. We also try some Peppermint Twinkies & Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2017.

SIB 0.67 – Skanksgiving

It’s our Thanksgiving Episode where we talk about the Anheuser Busch Christmas Lights, Netflix’s Punisher series, Marilyn Manson, and more. We also try Walking Dead themed beer “Lucille” from Terrapin Brewing and a Bacon Chocolate Bar.

SIB 0.66 – Moe than a Feeling

In this episode we introduce our drinking buddy, Moe, who happens to be a little puppy. We also talk about Greg’s Memphis trip, Josh’s distaste for comic movies, thanksgiving pants, and more. We also try Chicken & Waffles Salt Water Taffy and Devil’s Harvest Breakfast IPA from Southern Prohibition Brewing.

SIB 0.65 – Nekkid Nudity

In this episode we talk about hail damage, Primus, Deer crossing, 2017 toy hall of fame and more. We also try Peanut Brrr-ittle M&Ms and Taxman Brewing’s Hell Stout.

SIB 0.64 – Couch Auction

This episode starts out as a normal episode where we talk about Seinfeld, the Blues, Stranger Thing, etc. Then, several people enter the live chat expecting a couch auction. We’re not sure who posted our link to craigslist, but it made for a fun episode. We also tried some beers in Sierra Nevada’s Winter Sampler.

SIB 0.63 – Spooky Butter

In this episode we talk about Halloween candy, memories and more. We also try Cookie Butter Oreos and Punkoccino Ale from Elysian Brewing.

SIB 0.62 – Deer Popcorn

In this episode we talk about removing popcorn ceiling, creating a dining table, Arby’s Venison sandwich, Black Panther, Hover Bikes and more. We also try Cauldron Skittles and Goose Island Cooper Project No 1.

SIB 0.61 – Mystery Solved

In this episode we talk about some weird dreams, the Blues, Stompers, The Last Jedi, Happy Death Day and more. We also try to figure out the flavor of Mystery Oreos and try Greg’s homebrewed Apple Cider.

SIB 0.60 – Artificially Flavored

In this episode we talk about a bunch of sad news, cider updates, SNES Classic Mini, McDonaldland and More. We also try some Halloween themed M&Ms, Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge Stripe Cookies and Chocolate Covered Pretzel Stout.

SIB 0.59 – Peter Out

In this episode we talk about the lake, making cider, he-man, play the whisper challenge, and more. We also try Halloween Mix starburst & Neapolitan Dynamite Stout from Stone Brewing.