Jalapeno IPA from Boojum Brewing Company

In this video we try a Jalapeno IPA from Boojum Brewing Company in Waynesville, NC.
We also talk about how long it’s been since we recorded a Beer Thirty review.

How to Build a DIY Beer Keezer

A couple weeks ago I posted this video to our sister YouTube channel, “How To Fix it Workshop“. I figured some of our Beer:Thirty friends would enjoy this one. Check it out as I show how to build a Beer Keezer out of a chest freezer.


Stuck in Beta Podcast moved

The Stuck in Beta Podcast has been moved to it’s own site:

SIB 0.89 – Chipping Macs

ATTENTION: New Episodes of Stuck in Beta Podcast have been moved to a new site:

In this episode we talk about using a tree chipper, speed pass, eating 30,000 Big Macs, and more.  We also try Pina Colada Oreos and a Saison Beer from Zebulon Artisan Ales.

SIB 0.88S – Spoilers / Avengers Infinity War

In this special episode, we review Avengers Infinity War with Spoilers. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, don’t listen to this.

SIB 0.88 – Honey Hoosiers

In this episode we talk about Blue Streak Vodka, the Origin of the work Hoosier in St. Louis, and we try Honey Kolsch from Rogue Ales. We also talk about Avengers Infinity War without spoilers. We have a separate episode with spoilers.

SIB 0.87 – Smug Junk

In this episode Josh talks about woodworking, Greg talks about issues with Festus, Greatest Showman and more. We also try Arkham’s Finest Stout from Modern Brewery and Some Chile Picante Plantain Chips.

SIB 0.86 – Lost in Stouts

In this episode we talk about Netflix’s Lost in Space, waiting in line for beer, Donkey Kong Controversy and more.

SIB 0.85 – It’ll Sting Later

In this episode we talk about work, spoilers, old websites, and more. We also try Poppin Jalapeno Doritos and Habenero Apricot Wheat Ale from Mark Twain Brewing

SIB 0.84 – Not in my House

In this episode we talk about Easter, Selling boats, Ready Player One and more. We also try KBS 2018 from Founders and Neapolitan M&Ms