Archive | October, 2018

S’More Stout / Big Muddy Brewing

In this video we try
S’More Stout
Big Muddy Brewing
Murphysboro, IL

MoonJumper / Destihl Brewery

In this video,
we snip a short section out of our podcast
(Stuck in Beta –

We try
Destihl Brewery
Normal, IL

Natty Daddy / AB-InBev

In this video we try a macro brew.

We try Natty Daddy
St. Louis, MO

* Sorry for the “hard cut” in this video. We had a blunder during live stream that I had to remove. Thanks for understanding

Hopō Thermia / Alaskan Brewing Co

In this episode we try
Hopō Thermia from
Alaskan Brewing Co
Juneau, AK