Ruby Red Ale from Fat Bottom Brewing

Another beer that Greg brought back from his trip through Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains. Ruby Red American Ale comes from Fat Bottom Brewing –

We also discussed recycling…

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  1. The best book I can think of is “The Complete Joy of Home brewing” by Charlie Papazian. This is a guide that can take you from the easy mtedohs, such as using extracts, to using grains and hops. Much of the equipment can be used for both beer and wine. You may want to start with an inexpensive kit and then if you enjoy the results you can upgrade to the more expensive equipment later.Some of the things you will need to get started are fermenter (a food grade bucket or carboy with an airlock, a device to let air out but not in to the bucket)bottles ( to fill with your beer or wine)bottle capper Large cooking pot to cook the the ingredients in a siphon bottling bucket (to put the beer or wine in when you are ready to bottle it)

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