SIB 0.53 – Solar Hash

In this episode we talk about the upcoming Solar Eclipse, License to Drive reboot, Gremlins 3, DuckTales (XD) Recap, Back to the Future Comics, wasp stings and more. We also try some of Jack in the Box’s new Munchie Mash-Ups, then we wash it down with Trail of Totality beer from Main & Mill Brewing Company.

SIB 0.52 – Baby Ducks

In this episode we talk about Letterman coming to Netflix, the new DuckTales, King of the Hill, Karate Kid, and Greg & Molly are expecting a baby. We also try an Extra Special Bitter Ale from High Cotton Brewing.

SIB 0.51 – Let’s Taco bout Chips

In this episode we talk about Josh’s fender bender, Guns n Roses in St. Louis, Beer Geek Fest, Cloak and Dagger from 1984 and more. We also try the new 2017 Lay’s Do us a flavor chips (Crispy Taco, Fried Green Tomatoes, & Everything Bagel w cream cheese).

SIB 0.50 – Cast of Fifty

In this episode, we talk about Comic-Con, OJ Simpson, Netflix’s Ozark, Insanely hot weather, Switchblade Combs and more. We also try Blueberry-Lemon Muddy Buddies and Scottish Ale from High Cotton Brewing.

SIB 0.49 – Eight-Legged Felons

In this episode we call a scammer back about paying our taxes to avoid jail time. We discuss a spider lurking in Greg’s kitchen, New attractions at Disney World, Steve Ewing, Double Dare & More. We also try 2014 Panic Attack Beer from Holy Mackerel Beers & Cape Code Salt & Vinegar Chips.

SIB 0.48 – Brown Gravy

In this episode we talk about the insanely hot weather, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Cashew Chicken, Burple, Amazon Prime Day & more. We also try some cookies baked on the dashboard of a car, Little Debbie S’mores rolls, & Hi-Wire Brewing Brown Ale.

SIB 0.47 – Old Man Experience

In this episode we act like crabby old men. We complain about the Fireworks & Concerts. We also talk about water toys from the (good ‘ol days) 80s, painting, Despicable Me 3 and more. We also try Velvet Charmer Scotch Ale from Yee-Haw Brewing and Maple Bacon chips from Kettle Brand chips.

SIB 0.46 – Fireball Shandy

In this episode we talk about a STL Restaurant – Tapped, Fireball Island, Fourth of July Movies, Mel Brooks, the new SNES Classic, Kitchen remodeling, and more. We also try Rye You Lil’ Punk Rye IPA & Lemon Shandy Chocolate.

SIB 0.45 – Lucky Loops

In this episode we eat and drink! We try some food from Burger King, including Mac n’ Cheetos, Lucky Charms Milkshake & Froot Loop Milkshake. We also try Martin City Brewing’s Purple Train and Redd’s Peach Ale. We discuss 80s sitcoms, Grass Cutting Neighbors, Battery powered lawn tools and more!

SIB 0.44 – Wonder Rocks

In this episode we try some beer from Colorado & some pop rocks oreos. We also talk about Wonder Woman, E3, Kansas City & More.